levantaTo determine if a breast is saggy an imaginary line is extended perpendicular to the groove of the breast, if the areola or nipple is above that line it is considered that the breast has a normal height and location on the chest. Those breasts where the nipple areola complex is below this line are considered as breast ptosis, decreased breast or as described in many books: sagging breasts. Depending on the distance between that imaginary line and the areola will determine the degree of breast descent.

In these cases a surgery is performed which aims to re-locate the breast in its right place in the chest.In some cases the lifting of the breast can be combined with placement of breast implants.

The duration of the surgical procedure is about 1 to 2 hours. The types of anesthesia used are
General and epidural. The stay in the clinic is about one night. The post-operative care include the use of an elastic band and seamless bras for 2 to 4 weeks and daily circular self-massages starting from day 7.

Following directions correctly is fundamental for the success of your surgery.