What is the cost of plastic surgery?

All patients who wish to undergo plastic surgery should have a medical evaluation to determine the most appropriate procedure for this patient. Ideally this medical evaluation should be performed in an office, but a pre-assessment can be done with photos being asked to the patient and can be sent via email or WhatsApp.

How should you take the photos for an evaluation?

Evaluation can be done with pictures of front, side and back, without clothes and without showing his face. If the motive of consultation is the face, the pictures will be of front, side and bottom (showing the dimples of the nose).

What are the most common surgical procedures?

Among the surgical procedures, the placement of breast implants, liposuction, tummy tuck and rhinoplasty are the most frequent.

I will not have surgery. What non-surgical options I have?

The facial fillers, Botox ® applying and placing thread lift procedures are minor and can correct the early signs of facial aging.

What is the risk of the surgery?

If the patient is thoroughly studied and properly planned surgery, the risk and the possibility of complications are minimal.

Are cosmetic surgeries are painful?

Like any surgical procedure, there is pain in the first days and varies from person to person, though minimal and perfectly tolerable with standard analgesics.

How many days should I rest after performing surgery?

Overall the rest is relative to lie without all day. Fulfilling the medical indications, it may vary from 3 to 21 days depending on each procedure.

Can perform multiple surgeries at once?

Some procedures themselves, as long as the surgical time is not prolonged and the patient count with standard surgical pre-assessment.

Do you need to regularly change breast implants?

Not at all. From intercurrence not submit the patient should not routinely replace implants.

What is the relationship of breast implants to cancer?

None. There is no scientific evidence linking breast implants with malignancy.

Can I breastfeed after breast implants put me?

Yes, perfectly. There is evidence that alterations in infancy, and is usually in fertility occur.

Can I travel by plane with breast implants?

Yes you can go. Breast implants do not suffer any change in air travel. It is an old myth.

After Liposuction?  I can get fat again?

Although the areas treated by liposuction are reluctant to increase body weight, it is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with diet and a proper exercise plan.

How long does the result of a facelift last?

It depends mainly on the precondition of tissues. Although the results are apparent until 10 to 20 years later.

Which breast implants are the most reliable?

Indeed the surgeon will examine each case and recommend based on your experience and needs of each patient. In our practice we use the brand or Ciantra Silimed, it is an FDA approved implant. The FDA is the most stringent governing body and all medications and medical devices that are used in the United States.

What care should I fulfill myself after a facelift?

The professional will tell you the specific care of each surgery. It is very important to follow antibiotic and analgesic treatment as directed. Do not do heavy physical exertion and communicate any doubt professional.

When anesthesia is applied and when to apply sedation? Sedation and surgery? Also go hand in hand?

In any case, the choice of anesthesia should be individualized for each patient and finally select the anesthesiologist responsible with the patient in consultation before surgery.

What kind of previous tests are accurate before intervening?

The analysis of pre-intervention or other evidence deemed necessary, so they can avoid risk and achieve the desired result blood.

How long the entry is taken before and after the operation?

The login time will always depend on the type of intervention that is to be submitted, the length of it and the patient’s response. In minimally invasive interventions up to 2 hours immediately after the patient’s recovery, it can return home. Admission will be about 24 hours in cases of more complex surgeries. Actually, the patient or the patient should stay entered (a) time after the operation the surgeon and anesthesiologist sees fit for better recovery and that it will specify after the operation.

What else should we know about aftercare?

The post-operative measures are almost as important as it is the intervention itself. Know the care and perform each of the information provided by the surgeon after plastic surgery entail better recovery and better results.

How will I know I’m with the right professional?

You should be wary of centers that will cater different people who are not the plastic surgeon himself. Nor is it a good sign when you rush for the surgery, without giving you all the information without checking the results of the analyzes. Transparency in communication is the ultimate guarantee of confidence. Finally, we recommend that the plastic surgeon is a member of the Society of Plastic Surgery of the country, in the Dominican Republic it is; Dominican Society of Plastic Surgery (SODOCIPRE). You can confirm accredited doctors in the Dominican Republic to perform your plastic surgery through the following website www.sodocipre.net

RealSelf Q&A with Ricardo Ventura, MD