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enero 2014
Procedure: Tumescent Liposuction

I Should Have Done This Sooner. Great Doctor! Dr ricardo is an amazing hidden gem!!! I’m glad I was recommended to him. My sister had her breast done and so have her friends.. Very professional. He speaks English so there’s no middle man telling the doctor your surgical dreams. He was and still very attentive I keep in contact with him via what’s app. My main concern was the scaring he reassured me that I would be very pleased. I went to DR on Sunday 1/12/14 I was operated on Monday night 1/13/14 the staff was so friendly and I felt like family. The clinic was very clean and they have free wifi. Please consider him. I love my results and he will be my doctor for life !


julio 2013
Procedure: Lipo and umbilical hernia

My doctor has been very thorough in explaining the process and has given me confidence that my end results will be as expected. Very professional




Para comenzar quiero agradecerte por escrito y decirte lo afortunada que soy de que hayas sido mi cirujano. Supe desde la primera visita que no habia nada mas que buscar y no me equivoque. Tus atenciones siempre fueron las mejores y haces que uno se olvide de cualquier preocupación que pueda tener. Siempre estuviste al pendiente de mi salud y de mi bienestar como paciente, fuiste más allá de lo que es ser un Cirujano Plástico y eras el apoyo que una necesita en esos momentos. Una y mil veces GRACIAS! Gracias por haber cambiado mi vida con un toquecito de tu magia =)

Que continues cambiando la vida de tantas personas y sobre todo mujeres que se ponen en tus manos y que sean tan felices como lo soy yo ahora con mi cuerpo. Mucho exito en tu vida profesional y los mejores deseos desde Puerto Rico…

Eternamente agradecida,



leticiaLetícia Chacon – Jun 22, 2011
Río de Janeiro, Brasil.

I’m not very good with words, but I’ll try. Well, I want to thank you for everything you did for me, I know it was not only his work, but rather of a team but its importance was the largest. Besides surgeon, you befriends their patients. There is one doctor who is focused only on work and end up with something fast. And yes that it accompanies, trying to calm the best ways and give advice. I confess I was so afraid of doing the surgery but you gotta spend a quiet, more quiet and let me, even my mom (lol). He handed me the confidence that everything would be okay and everything you said is really about. I want to thank not only for the wonderful and competent surgeon that you are also a single amazing and gentle person. Much success in your path, happiness, health and all good. Feel the lack (in Brazil).


mayaraMayara Cequeira. Jul 22, 2010
Río de Janeiro, Brasil.

Hello Dr. Smile! Like it? This time it is to answer! Ok! I will repeat! Like it? I hope this good. I am sending pictures of my surgery to keep in your collection … lol I was thinking about what you told me when he said he saw my first testimony … you said it was a rough day, do not know … something … he said that when he came home tired, can not remember exactly what he said. I kept thinking about it and I guess because of their responsibility and you should feel many times, perhaps often, do not know. His profession is bright, but has a very large … very large pressure, so it is not for many … you must have a Don … and you you have it. I think I would not get to take many risks so profoundly to people … wow .. you have to have courage. And I claim my students .. hehehehe

I told you convey great peace …. So … do not know how in such a short time you get to make people feel so much.
You treat us with such uncommon love that makes us unique. It seems that there is only one surgery in the world and that their attention is directed only to us. It seems that there is no one else, incredible, right? For myself I realized that I was not only after a long time .. HAHAHA … my healing was not the only one, my record was not the only one, my testimony was not alone, my anxiety was not the only … my record recommendations … none of that was just for me, but you made me feel so UNIQUE.

None of the doctors who went before reaching the Holy House proved to be so interested in my surgery as you and your team. I went through several cosmetic clinics before, several doctors, plus none of them happened to me surely. Looks like a exaggeration, but it is not. You are uncommon. TAKE THAT DON.

I wish nothing but good for your life. I’ll chock this keyboard because it can not stop writing … ever … if got jejejej get here … quiet! I’m already running out! Hehe … well … you must be tired … not only work but also of everything that I read. I’ll let it rest … go to sleep! Tomorrow is another day and it all starts again … other dreams, other lives, other patients …


gloriaGlória Cristina de Souza. 8 Jul 2010
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

I love ‘Monet” for its delicacy in the lines of his work, Rodin love with the rich detail in his bronze sculptures, Villa-Lobos is divine when he makes instruments sound amazing, like a forest fire or the beauty of the Bachianas No. 5, Pitanguy love with his divine soul that transforms a be burned on a smiling face and sees life with joy again, there is no money to pay for this. No words can thank, you are on the right path and you will have security as big as your teacher Prof. Ivo Pitanguy, not only in the beauty of your hands sculpted bodies, that is art of the highest quality, you offer us much inner happiness and self-esteem; thanks for being such a nice person, not only outside but also inside you have mild, happy soul that transmits tranquility, being well, you should awaken envy, will not drop and never change … A big hug this out God happy by letting me know, I know I am very lucky. Until next appointment tomorrow … I feel great and I feel no pain, only joy of seeing a childhood dream realized at the end ……… I am an artist and as such I love the beautiful.

One day life offers us a body and becomes an instrument of our soul and with your work you give us the opportunity to look in the mirror and see the home of our soul is more beautiful and the beautiful is a prayer to God .


monicaMonica Rocha. Aug 14, 2010
Río de Janeiro, Brasil

Just a complete professional … Thank you for the love and attention. May God always enlighten you so you can continue making dreams. If I had to give a grade 10 would be very little: much success today and always. Kisses and patient fan.


adrianaAdriana Rodrigues Mar 15, 2011
Río de Janeiro, Brasil

Doctor Ricardo, Through this message I want to thank you for everything you did for me. I want you to know that your help was great value for me. And I want you to know that people as special as you are always ready to strengthen the fraternal union. Seeking a look inside the hearts of people, because we know that there is that we extract what is best in each. Thanks for your attention and affection dedicated. Everything we do thinking about helping others and by the very law of nature, we receive back twice. Only well understand the miracle of life when we allow the unexpected to happen. Cover the universe of blessings and always be happy.


alessandraAlessandra Alonso Jan 24, 2011
Río de Janeiro, Brasil.

You are an enlightened person with love, dedication and love, her practice beautifully, it is an amazing professional. THANK YOU for everything, for all your care, patience and love. That more and more his life is more full of peace, health, honey, true friendships, love and success. Very good have met you a big kiss!


fernandaFernanda Marques – Aug 30, 2010
Río de Janeiro, Brasil

Hello my dear friend! I think I can refer as well, because today is what I represent in my life, “a special friend”. I take this opportunity to once again, thank you for all the love, care and attention. REALLY THANK YOU, FOR ALL! When you saw me for the first time told me to look after all the time and that is exactly what you did. You are an amazing person and an exemplary professional. Congratulations! I wish you all the success and all the happiness in the world! A big kiss!


Judith Ribeiro Schmidt
Nordeste de Brasil

Dr. Ricardo. My dear “foster son and friend,” I am very happy with the performance of the surgery you performed on me. Day 17 full two months and you can not imagine that I have more purple or edema or hematoma, all gone. Today as I tie my hair with a tail and nothing shows up, everyone noticed the difference but no one can say what happened, because I have stretch marks. Dr. Ricardo apologize if I sent him word once more when I got home I had several problems to solve …….. Dr. Ricardo I would like to know if you will be in Rio early next year as I will be in Rio and wanted to take some time to thank you for your service, when you want to come visit is just to call. In short I am sending some pictures. I’ll never forget, is just look in the mirror. Now I sent a message with love and a big hug to his patient will never forget.


fabianaFabiana Lopes
Rio de Janeiro. Brasil.

Hi Ricardo, I had not had time to spend here and express my appreciation for all the love and care they took me. You are a great professional as well as being a very kind person who spent a lot of confidence and tranquility. I am very happy to have had him as a doctor and I hope from now on you can also call you my friend. Thank you


lucianeLuciane Batista
Río de Janeiro. Brasil.

Good morning, Dr. Ricardo!! Today is the day the doctor. I would like to congratulate you on this day for their immense dedication and professionalism. Your star shines and will shine even more in his way. I have no words to express the gratitude and love I have it for you. Congratulations for this wonderful gift that God gave you and bless your hands that every day, so you can make many people happy. People like you are rare gems.
And then he says that does miracles! You may say that is God’s miracle but he gave you a lot of ability and intelligence to perform surgery (of course with his hands through you)
God always be with you and enlighten you ever during your walk.
Kisses and have a nice day!


Rio de Janeiro. Brasil.

Congratulations Dr. Ricardo. everything good for you, may God enlighten you always, so that you continue with this brilliant work that dreams and I thank you once again for having performed the surgery that I wanted more, my mother sends her love and a happy birthday.


eleniceElenice Costa.
Rio de Janeiro. Brasil.

Congratulations Dr, everything you make in life is as perfect as you are. Thank you very much for everything, especially for the dedication you had for my daughter Jessica. Feel much your fault. God bless you. We love you. Happy Birthday. Kisses.


jessicaJessica Costa.
Río de Janeiro. Brasil.

Wonderful as you deserve a world of love, peace and joy they deserve every possible health and those their innermost wishes come true! People I hope you continue to be that wonderful person, full of qualities that override the defects, with more charisma and the universe vibrates with a contagious, every year that passes in your life, be more mature! And today is a special day, because it’s your birthday! You get all your dreams, be happy, have good health throughout your life, you have much peace and may God continue to enlighten!. A very pretty mega kiss, thanks always for all you did for me.

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