Lipo Vaser High Def is a new state-of-the-art liposuction technology that acts selectively on fatty tissue. It manages to make the fat liquid to facilitate its extraction.

Given its selective action on it, other tissues such as blood vessels and nerves are not affected, thus reducing pain and inflammation in the postoperative period. The surgery technique that is customized to the needs of the patient.

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The reduction of abdomen, also known as abdominoplasty, is an aesthetic surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the abdomen.

During an abdomen reduction, excess skin and fat is removed from the abdomen. In most cases, the connective tissues of the abdomen are also reinforced with sutures. The remaining skin is relocated to create a more toned appearance.

If you have accumulated skin around the navel area and a weak lower abdominal wall, you can choose to undergo a reduction in abdomen. A reduction in abdomen can also enhance your body image.

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Why is it performed?

A flaccid abdomen is the result not only of the accumulation of fat, but also of the poor elasticity of the skin, the excess of skin and the stretching of the inner belt of the connective tissue (abdominal fascia) and the abdominal muscles that extend from the ribs up to the pubis. This internal belt, which holds the internal organs, is responsible for the tone and appearance of the abdomen.

The abdomen is more prone to protrude after stretching the abdominal fascia during pregnancy or after significant changes in weight. The ab reduction can extract excess skin and fat, and strengthen the weak fascia. A reduction in abdomen can also eliminate stretch marks and excess skin in the lower abdomen below the navel. However, an abdominoplasty does not correct stretch marks that are outside this area.

You could consider a reduction of abdomen if:

  • You have excess accumulated skin around the navel area
  • The abdominal wall in the lower abdomen is weak
  • Liposuction did not improve the appearance of the abdomen adequately
  • If you had a C-section before and have scar retraction
  • If you had a C-section before, we could incorporate the scar from the caesarean into the scar of the reduction of the abdomen.

The reduction of the abdomen can also be done in combination with other aesthetic procedures of the body contour, such as breast surgery.

An abdominoplasty is not for everyone. We do not recommend it if:

  • You plan to lose a significant amount of weight
  • Consider a future pregnancy
  • You have a serious chronic illness, such as heart disease, diabetes or irritable bowel syndrome
  • You have a body mass index greater than 30



Calf implants can be used to add mass and definition to the muscles of the lower leg, which will dramatically improve the appearance of the calves. For those who feel that their calves would look better and more proportioned with more volume and definition, calf implants may be the answer. These implants not only improve the appearance of the legs, but can also contribute to the image of the entire body. Calf implants are more suitable for sculpture of the lower leg and can be used to correct a muscle imbalance as a result of physical defects. These implants achieve proportionality and improve the appearance, not only of the legs but of the entire body.


Who is a good candidate for calf implants?

The ideal candidates for calf augmentation are men and women who want to have more developed-looking muscles. Patients should enjoy good general health, be stable from the psychological point of view and know that calf implants aim to achieve an aesthetic improvement, not perfection. Patients should make an appointment with a qualified plastic surgeon to determine if they are good candidates for calf implants. During the consultation, they should analyze their aesthetic goals and expectations, and ask all the questions they have about calf implants.

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