VASER® LIPO achieves maximum definition in areas where previously could not be done with such precision.

It is a procedure indicated for both men and women with which it is possible to thoroughly eliminate the fat that is around the muscles to make them more visible and defined. The result is a more athletic and attractive aspect always respecting the natural lines of the body.

The VASER® LIPO uses an advanced ultrasound technology that is a kind of soft energy that only affects fat, eliminating it but preserving the rest of tissues such as vessels blood, nerves or connective tissues.


  • Lipo Vaser for 3D Abs
  • Lipo Vaser for Back and Waist Contour
  • Vaser Type For Contour And Breast Augmentation
  • Liver Vaser for Arms and Thighs
  • Lipo Vaser for Buttocks Contour and augmentation (BBL)
  • Lipo Vaser for Chin
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