Breast augmentation, also known as mammoplasty, is a surgery that is done to increase the size of the breasts. Involves placing breast implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles.

This surgery is used primarily to give volume to the breast, restore breast volume loss after pregnancy, breastfeeding or excessive weight loss and to achieve greater breast symmetry when there is a significant disproportion.

Why is it done?

  • Breast augmentation may help you to:
  • Improve your appearance if you think your breasts are too small or one is smaller than the other.
  • Adjust them due to a reduction in size after pregnancy.
  • Correct Uneven breasts after breast surgery due to other conditions.
  • Improve confidence in yourself.

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure performed to modify the shape of the breasts. During a breast lift, the excess skin is removed and the breast tissue is remodeled to lift the breasts.

You may choose to undergo a breast lift if your breasts are down or if the nipples are pointing down. A breast lift could also improve your self-image and confidence in yourself.

This surgery will not significantly change the size of the breasts. However, it can be done together with breast augmentation or reduction surgery.

You may consider undergoing a cosmetic breast surgery in the following cases:

  • The breasts look flaccid: they have lost their shape and volume, or they have become flatter and longer
  • When the breasts are not held, the nipples fall under the crease of each breast.
  • The nipples and areolae point downwards.
  • The areolae are stretched and are disproportionate to the breast.
  • One of the breasts is lower than the other.
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Breast reduction surgery, also known as “reduction mammoplasty,” is a procedure used to remove excess fat, tissue and skin from the breasts. If you have large breasts, you could choose to undergo breast reduction surgery to relieve discomfort or achieve a breast size proportional to the body.

This surgery could also help improve your self-esteem, your self-confidence and your ability to participate in physical activities

Why is it done?

  • Breast reduction surgery is aimed at women who have large breasts and want to solve problems such as the following:
  • Chronic back.
  • neck and shoulder pain that requires analgesicsIrritation or chronic rash under the breast.
  • Neuralgia
  • Limitation of activities
  • Low self esteem related to the large size of your breasts
  • Difficulty finding suitable bras and clothing
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